Berlin High School Athletic Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Facts

Here are some facts about the Berlin High School Athlete Hall of Fame.....   
  • The Hall of Fame was established in 2008
  • To date, the Hall of Fame was inducted 9 classes of BHS Athletes, Coaches, Contributors and Teams.
  • The first two Induction Dinners were held at the Crowne Plaza, in Cromwell.   Since then the Aqua Turf, in Plantsville has hosted the dinners.
  • George Synott has introduced the inductees at each of the dinners, until last year when George Hall provided the introductions.
  • The Hall of Fame includes 110 inductees. This includes 80 athletes, 12 coaches, 6 contributors and 12 Teams.
  • Of the 80 inducted athletes, 21 are women.
  • 32 of the inducted men have played football and basketball at BHS.  This is the most of any sports.  Baseball l is next with 29 athletes.  The remaining sports include wrestling and track & field with 7, soccer with 3 and golf with 2 athletes.
  • Softball is the most played sport by the inducted women, with 10 athletes,  Basketball and soccer both have 8 athletes each, followed by volleyball with 7, then with track & field, tennis and gymnastics, each with 2 athletes.
  • Except for the first induction class, annual inductions are limited to 10 athletes, coach and contributors, and 1 team.
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