Berlin High School Athletic Hall of Fame

Selection Process

All nominees must have the qualities of integrity, sportsmanship and of good character. Nominee categories and minimum qualifications are...

A person who attended Berlin High School, graduated from Berlin High School ten or more years ago or graduated from Berlin High School and has passed away or has a life threatening illness, played a varsity sport at Berlin High School and gained prominence while performing as a player at Berlin High School, or who has gained prominence in the field of athletics during and/or after his/her tenure as a student of Berlin High.

Coach or Administrative Position
A person who has coached or been in a position of administration at Berlin High School and gained prominence while coaching or administering at Berlin High School.  The candidate must have made a significant impact on the varsity sports programs and to the Berlin High School student athletes.

Special Category
A person who has made a noteworthy and significant impact on the development of Berlin High School student athletes.

A Berlin High School varsity athletic team that distinguished itself by winning a State Championship or otherwise gained great statewide prominence.

The Induction Nominating Committee, selected from members of the Board of Directors, then research and document the qualifications of each nominated candidate, and will recommend a list of candidates for induction on a yearly basis. The final list for candidates to be inducted will then be forwarded to the Board of Directors for approval.

The yearly list of inductees is limited to ten (10) individuals.  This shall include no more than one individual included in the Special Category, selected no more than every two (2) years, and one individual included in the Coach or Administrative Category, selected each year.  In addition, the list of approved inductees may include one candidate from the Team Category.

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